The #MultiMillionMasterpiece Book Reveals...

How Pioneer Creations Change the World by Reinventing Industries and Creating New Marketplaces at 10X Profit Growth Instead of Dominating Your Space as the Go-To Expert


How Is Pioneer Creations Different?

"PIONEER CREATIONS are timeless masterpieces, not another hit, offer, service or company that only lasts a few years or decades or as long as your fans, community or the marketplace wants it.

Only the most passionate and self-less PIONEERS listen to the call of their PIONEER CREATIONS and come up with the courage to commit to the Evolution for the Highest Good of All Relations instead of managing their success as experts.

When life is handing PIONEERS lemons, we don't just make lemonade. We grow a whole forest of lemon trees, so everyone else can make lemonade as well." 

- Tabita Fenix

Pioneer Creations are projects, inventions and companies that have never been seen and heard of before.

The difference between a Pioneer Creation and a company or a product that you just sell because the market wants what you sell is that the market demands something.

There are people buying it, so you can easily sell it.

A Pioneer Creation is a project, brand or company that benefits the planet and all kingdoms not just people and is here to reinvent, innovate and elevate.

It is something that Steve Jobs understood very well, which is why he was so successful with Apple. But he had a lot of challenges along the way getting his vision to come to fruition, because people didn't see the vision that he had so they didn't believe in it. 

He made it happen nonetheless even though it cost him his life. That's what the outcasts and crazy ones do.

The reason why he had to give his life for his Pioneer Creation and how you can prevent that from happening, is what you are going to discover on this page.

We are only working with people or companies that are pioneering at the very forefront of evolution, meaning they bring these kinds of projects and inventions into the world that serve the elevation of humanity.

Your mission, vision and values need to align with giving back to the planet, humanity, animals, plants and oceans.

PIONEER CREATIONS always require much more resources than expert companies that sell what the market wants.


Why Do Pioneer Creations Exist?

Pioneer Creations are the companies, brands, innovations and projects that are changing the landscape of what we thought is possible for us as a human race.

That is why we only support pioneering innovations to monetize their vision so that they can actually do good in the world in the way it's intended to be.

The reason why we're different is we are not just looking at numbers, meaning your revenue and your profits.

We are looking at every aspect of the business with a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PIONEER BRAND STRATEGY.

We also have a different measurement for success.

We measure success based on the LIFE FORCE of the planet, company and people working for it.

When you are contributing to life, whatever you're doing in your company will thrive.

If you are subtracting LIFE, then your company will have leaks and slowly but surely die. Symptoms that come from a company that is leaking its LIFE FORCE are:

Sales are tanking
Low employee retention rate
Delays in delivery and fullfilment 
Fear-based decisions because executives are bullied by other people and their timeline
Deadlines are not being met
Believing the illusion #1 that the more successful you are the harder you have to work
Being bullied by your creations and never able to shut up your mind
Your employees are not happy because they're not trained properly
Creativity is slowly fading away because you're not innovating, and therefore missed the purpose of why you started your company in the first place.

We measure the LIFE FORCE based on these five elements:


Relationships refer to within and without. I'm not going to go into all of the details because that would be too time consuming. It is also not important for right now.

When we look at a business and also the people that work in the company, we are always looking at these five elements.

The thing is once you're really looking at the root cause and what is ultimately causing your company's LIFE FORCE to leak and also your own because you have a Life Force as well and you're treating that, then you co-create IMMORTALITY.

That's the reason why PIONEER CREATIONS exist.

You can have a company that can become an IMMORTAL LEGACY, meaning it does not depend on you to keep expanding.

Our job is to co-create the right environment where you can step away from your company.

It doesn't mean you need to retire.

But we are creating the right environment, patching up the leaks, looking at the root cause, and then building out the systems and training a multi-million PIONEER TEAM to take over the operations.

We are also separating you as the founder energetically from your business so that your company can thrive without you. Once you do that and you provide the right environment so that your company's LIFE FORCE and your own are fully intact, you are no longer the person who is pushing it forward.

That's why we don't build empires or support companies that sell what the market wants. 

We co-create IMMORTAL PIONEER CREATIONS that can outlast the person who brought it into the world while upholding the BIG VISION.

Here is an important distinction and question to contemplate between building a business and co-creating an IMMORTAL PIONEER CREATION.

Have you ever had to pull on a tree to grow once you've planted it in rich soil, exposed it to sunlight and watered it?


The Difference Between an Offer In Demand and Pioneer Creations

The difference between PIONEER CREATIONS and an offer that sells because the market already demands it is that people understand these kinds of offers.

It's very easy to market and sell them because everybody already knows about it.

With a PIONEER CREATION it is not so easy because you have to focus a lot on educating people.

Why? What you're saying and what you're doing as a PIONEER is advanced, innovative and disruptive because you can see further ahead than a regular person aka expert.

You always look at the BIG VISION and operate MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY.

When I was growing up, I used to wonder why am I the only person seeing that and nobody understands?

And it's not like you go to school and your teachers are telling you, oh sure we can see you have a big vision. You want to change the world. No problem, we're going to help you do that.

Everybody tries to tell you that their sense of reality is right, which obviously is not for people that are born different and are PIONEERING OVER THE EDGE.

The solution is not to argue about who is right. The solution that we provide is we are only educating PIONEERS and we are monetizing PIONEER CREATIONS because you need a different approach, strategy, sales process and marketing campaigns.

You're not working like an expert, which is everybody that sells products and services that the market already demands.

Pioneer Creations are timeless masterpieces and they have their own consciousness and their own way of operating.

They do not comply with expert agencies and people that just sell regular services that the market already demands. 

The strategies that experts are implementing for offers in demand do not comply with PIONEER CREATIONS. 

It's like trying to put a Ferrari engine under a Fiat. That car is not gonna go far because it wasn't built for an engine as powerful as that.

That is why everything that we are doing is a dynamic and bespoke PIONEER BRAND STRATEGY that has been cultivated successfully in monetizing PIONEER CREATIONS by expanding into new marketplaces and reinventing industries at 10X profit growth.

This is unique to each TIMELESS MASTERPIECE and how it is intended to be brought into the world.

Because as I said, it has its own consciousness.

That means that you need to be communicating with that TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.

I, Tabita Fenix the Founder of the PIONEER MOVEMENT have been communicating with PIONEER CREATIONS for a very long time.

I can see the exact blueprint of each TIMELESS MASTERPIECE and hear the instruction of how it needs to be brought into the world for the biggest benevolent impact.

It is a matter of communicating that properly to the people so that they understand not just the benefits of the company and the offers you sell to people who already understand it, which is what most brands are trying to explain...

but also educate 70% to 90% of the population that is outside your current segment of customers or markets about why they need it before they know they do.

If you're trying to sell PIONEER CREATIONS that expand people's consciousness without being able to explain that it's going to be very hard.

We help you sell the BIG VISION and everything that it does for people before they know it.

Once you're doing that, people buy and you move away from marketing and into PIONEER BRANDING.

Any channel that you can use to communicate is great. It doesn't really matter what channel you're using because it always comes down to communication not marketing tactics.

If you're communicating something in the way it's supposed to be communicated people will buy.

If you can't communicate that people will not understand and they're not going to buy as much as you want which is when sales are tanking.

PIONEER CREATIONS are serving peoples upgraded consciousness and evolution for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL, but the whole world is in panic and fear. You surely understand that your frequency does not align.

We have a lot of noise in the world, and everybody wants to sell something online because people are afraid.

Since the pandemic people have looked for alternative opportunities to make money online.

If you have your communication with all of your products and offers not aligned and you don't have that tied into the bigger vision in a noisy market place, you're not able to reach your people on all the channels that you need to reach them.

It's not enough to have a great company and a good product.

You're going to be left out and PIONEER CREATIONS are going to die. As aforementioned, people are not just buying a product. They're buying into your vision and the person leading it.

You need to be able to very clearly communicate WHO YOU ARE WHILE DOING IT not just how great your company is.



The #MultiMillionMasterpiece Book Reveals...

How Pioneer Creations Change the World by Reinventing Industries and Creating New Marketplaces at 10X Profit Growth Instead of Dominating Your Space as the Go-To Expert

Pioneer Creations Map

With PIONEER CREATIONS it's now even harder because people are just looking at the things that are right in front of them and their attention span is shrinking.

Since 2019 when the pandemic hit, there has been a massive shift around the world.

If you have a Pioneer Creation and you cannot really communicate it properly, the people that are making the biggest noise in the marketplace selling products that everybody already wants are the ones that are going to win.

Since 2019, everything around the world that didn't work, has been amplified and everything that is working as well.

We need to be able to bridge the gap, and if we can't do that, PIONEER CREATIONS are going to be left out and are going to drown in all the noise that is now happening online and offline.

We monetize pioneering projects at 10X profit growth that are bridging the gap between what has happened while outdated systems are collapsing and what needs to be invented to move us forward as humanity.

We are able to monetize their biggest expansion by listening to the instructions of those PIONEER CREATIONS not the noise in the marketplace.

Otherwise, we are going to have a lot more shiny objects that do not have the biggest and most benevolent impact possible. 

We are not interested in shiny objects that treat symptoms or in other words solve problems.

We expand our vision and co-create impossible miracles for a loving and prosperous evolution to elevate and reinvent ourselves and the outdated systems, structures and lifestyles.

It always comes down to communication on all levels.

The main difference between us and an agency is that we're not just offering you some nice marketing and sales services.

We are looking at your company from all angles. You need to understand that a Pioneer Creation is its own living entity.

I like to compare it with a baby and the process of raising decent human beings.

Step #1 You gave birth to your baby, in our case your company

You provide the right environment.

You give it the nourishment it needs.

It will thrive and outlast you. 

It is not like you constantly have to be on the phone talking to your children and making sure that they're doing everything you tell them to do.

You did your job.

Step #2 Your children are grown adults

They go into the world. They do their own thing.

They make mistakes. They learn and evolve.

It's the same with companies.

That's how it's supposed to be, but that's only happening if you treat it as its own entity.

And if you provide the environment for it to grow and flourish and to be sustainable WITHOUT YOU.

They will become immortal and outlast you.

That's what we're co-creating and why PIONEER CREATIONS exist.

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