Pioneer Creations

Immortalizing timeless masterpieces

Where Your Global Innovations Become Immortal by Co-Creating Timeless Masterpieces aka Pioneer Creations 

What Is Going to Happen to Your Global Company When You Pass Away?

This is the most important question every business owner should face yet no one ever does until life forces them to do so with health issues, cash flow troubles, low employee retention or near death experiences.

As a PIONEER FOUNDER you are facing an even bigger challenge because you are the face of the brand and the only one who can see the vision as far into the future as you do.

That's why you never stop, take a break or step away from the daily operations because without you, they won't be working any longer.

It's time to face the truth that your company will rise and fall with you.

That also means that you are currently its biggest bottleneck because you carry a world-changing legacy on your shoulders.

You are the leader that makes all impossible challenges possible and who is the strongest and smartest person in the room, but you are not immortal. 

You will have to face what is supposed to happen to your life's work beyond your physical existence.

The question remains, how do you turn your legacy into IMMORTALITY without working harder or hiring more people?

At this stage it's no longer about what you achieve, how much revenue your company generates or the next big milestone to celebrate. 


That's where we come onto the playground to elevate your game.

We partner with pioneering companies and brands to elevate their world-changing mission to a timeless masterpiece by turning them into immortal Pioneer Creations.

We install Pioneer Operations and train Pioneer Teams at 10X profit growth by innovating branding, investing and the company culture for globalization. 

We help Pioneer CEO's reduce their work week, exit or sell their companies to retire or start a new beginning while increasing profits.

Are YOU one of the very few leaders we will support to initiate your own lineage by turning your legacy into IMMORTALITY?

Discover Our Pioneer Creations

Pioneer Retreat

The Pioneer Retreat is only available for men who run a multi-million or billion global company and have recently gone through a massive spiritual awakening or life reset.

Pioneer Retirement

We co-create and retire millionaire & billionaire families to prioritize life and help you reclaim your most valuable asset - your time - with a DFY investment fund at 4% ROI monthly.

Pioneer Creations

How Pioneer Creations change the world by reinventing industries and creating new marketplaces at 10X profit growth instead of dominating your space as the go-to expert.

Discover PioneerU

Do you want to travel the world while working in a community of like-minded people who love this planet, animals and children? We offer job opportunities worldwide with our co-working and co-living communities where you can work as little as three months or as long as you feel at home in a PIONEER COMMUNITY. 

Whenever you are ready to move on to the next community, you can apply to any open position and relocate to a different country or continent minus the hustle to start from scratch in a new workplace. All our employees receive the following benefits in our company culture:

The best education and onboarding on our app to always know how to fulfill your duties and have fun
A diverse and ever-growing company culture where people come before profits which is why you have two revenue streams and not just depend on your pay-check to make ends-meet
The opportunity to travel the world without spending all your savings and make life-long friends around the globe
All our communities are pet friendly and you will be delighted to welcome many furry friends

 How Is Pioneer Creations Different?

"PIONEER CREATIONS are timeless masterpieces, not another hit, movie, song, offer, service or company that only lasts a few years or decades or as long as your fans, community or the marketplace wants it.

Only the most passionate and self-less PIONEERS listen to the call of their PIONEER CREATIONS and come up with the courage to commit to the Evolution for the Highest Good of All Relations instead of managing their success as experts.

When life is handing PIONEERS lemons, we don't just make lemonade, we grow a whole forest of lemon trees, so everyone else can make lemonade as well."

- Tabita Fenix

Meet the Pioneer Founder

Welcome! I am Tabita Fenix an Artist, Investor, Founder of the Pioneer Movement and Embodiment of the Pioneer Spirit.

I Will Matter into Submission as an Art with Pioneer Creations aka Timeless Masterpieces for the Blessing of the Pioneer Movement.

Since retiring in my 30s as a multi-millionaire, I've been spending my time with loved ones creating eternal memories by singing, surfing, travelling, and making music. 

I dedicated myself entirely to the earth to restore her beauty and protect all relations. Upon completing the biggest expansion of the Pioneer Movement, I travelled for the entire year of 2022 to acquire land and real estate to give people and animals a home with local co-working and co-living Pioneer Communities.

We also launched Pioneer Retirement that supports every family to retire as millionaires or billionaires with a DFY investment strategy at 4% ROI monthly to end the enslavement of humanity and prioritize life.

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